DAWGs Awaiting Adoption

Meet Our DAWGs

All of our dogs have been examined by our veterinarian and are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, are current on their shots, and have flea/tick/mosquito protection. We ask for a minimum adoption donation of:

  • $250 for young dogs (under three years)
  • $150 for adult dogs
  • $125 for seniors (dogs 8 years old and over)

For more information on our available dogs, call (805) 681-0561, email: adopt@sbdawg.org or come by during open adoption hours, 12pm-5pm Thursday through Monday.

BRYCE is as just smart as they come. He has the “Good Dog” thing all figured out. He ‘s eager to impress you with his tricks and great manners. He’s clever, active, alert & very loyal to his person. Bryce walks beautifully on a leash. He is healthy and active. He loves to ride in […]

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Stella is sweet, loyal and above all, just adorable. This great gal is potty trained, good on leash and good with every living being on this planet. She is insecure about herself in new surroundings and is looking for someone to help build her confidence. She has great doggy manners and is elegant in each […]

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Mia is that perfect medium sized dog that is a great hiking, beach, and everyday walking companion. She’s sharp, loving, and lots o’ fun as a young puppy should be. She likes other playful dogs and is still learning to socialize with other dogs as she grows. She would make a great companion for another […]

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Rosa is an energetic girl who loves all people and dogs. She would love a home where she can go to the beach and for hikes and be apart of the family. Rosa would do well in just about any active household.

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                    Kimbo is a young  70 lb neutered male Ridgeback Mix. Has the classic ridgeback on the spine. Good with other dogs and his original home had young children too. Words from his foster dad: “I’ve been fostering him part- and full-time since January and he […]

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A year old Catahoula blend, this boy is a great companion. He’s fascinated, alert and happy all the time. He is good with other dogs and is learning quick how to walk on leash obediently. He’s got a playful demeanor and is quick to pick up on commands. As a working breed, he needs daily […]

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William is an energetic fun loving little man. He gets along with dogs, walks nicely on leash if you keep him calm and is an entertaining dog. He does however have issues with his food and anyone trying to take it away from him. He needs some work on his ‘resource guarding’ issues. DAWG is […]

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Harvey is a big active boy who loves to play ball. He needs a strong handler who will give him some rules and boundaries. He walks nicely on a gentle leader. He does like to play with other dogs, but he needs to be introduced properly because he comes on strong.  

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Cooper is a great dog who needs a structured life style with daily walks. He lived most of his life as a street dog and because of that he does have some food guarding issues. He needs someone who can continue to work on his behavioral issues. He loves to play with other female dogs, […]

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Maudie is a 1 1/2 yr old spayed female pug/Chihuahua mix, approx 7 lbs. High energy girl with springs on her feet. Can be timid at first, especially around her head and neck, but warms up into a little fire cracker.

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Clarence is a 5 yr old male Chihuahua mix, approx 13 lbs. Is initially reserved, then wants to be as close to you as possible, preferably in your lap. Good on leash, loves to run.

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Dakota is a spayed female German Shepherd who has the energy and spirit of a young dog, but is 11 yrs old. She had lived with her loving owners since puppyhood (the only way we could have known her age) but due to housing problems they have to find her a new home. She is […]

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Rusty is a neutered male 3 yr old Australian cattle dog, slightly on the smaller side. Rusty is a calm and gentle boy who is a little shy of strangers but sweet when he warms up to you. He plays really nicely with other dogs in his foster home and is very tolerant of the […]

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              Lucky is a happy go lucky boy who loves to play with toys. He’s good with other dogs, but would need a cat free home. He would love a home who will provide him with structure and exercise. He is a sweet boy who just needs a little […]

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Rosemary is a sweet little girl who would love a daily walk and a lap to snuggle on. She is a medium energy dog who gets along well with all dogs.

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Zula is an energetic gal who loves her daily stimulations and ends her days with cuddle sessions. She is a sweet girl who finds herself confused at our shelter because she lived in a home since she was a little puppy and just recently ended up back here at DAWG through no fault of her […]

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Link is a 2 yr old neutered male chihuahua mix, 7 lbs. He is sweet, calm, is dog friendly and loves his treats.

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              Limon is a tiny neutered male chihuahua mix, 8 lbs. A sweet boy with a nice temperament who enjoys cuddling his cute pink nose in anything he can find: blankets, your armpit, in between your legs and between your shoulder and neck. Playful but well behaved.

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This little man made an appearance at our recent event, Smooch the Pooch, and absolutely stole the show. He’s loving and loyal, and gets along with pooches of all sizes. This little man will make a great addition to a family who’s ready to be kissed daily and share their bed.  4 yr old neutered […]

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Rocky is a very shy but warms up with patience and some delicious treats! He’s very close to his brother Willie and would love to go to a home with a confident dog. He’s lived with other dogs in a home before. He will be a great dog with a confidence boost and training.  He […]

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Cace is a 4 yr old neutered male chihuahua mix, about 10 lbs. He is very high energy, dog friendly, and loves his treats.

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Metro is currently in foster with our DAWG trainer. He is learning good house manners and how to walk nicely on leash, but he does have some behavioral issues. He needs an owner who is going to maintain his training. Metro does okay around other dogs, but still needs more socialization. He currently lives with […]

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Loving, playful and cuddly, this boy is in search for a home with another furry friend. He enjoys playing with his toys and long walks. He’s potty trained and crate trained. He is a great family dog!

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Well behaved older man that loves to be rubbed and petted all day. Housebroken and walks good on leash. He enjoys the company of other dogs and is great with all people. Searching for home to give him unconditional love and lots of attention. He is such a deserving fellow and will be so thankful […]

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Cece is an energetic gal who loves going for hikes, bike rides and running on a treadmill. She would make an excellent running partner. She’s very playful with other dogs. She lays on her bed quietly in the house, loves to follow you around and is ready for any outdoor adventure.

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Gentle mature man who is looking for a home to offer him nothing but snuggles and love the rest of his life. Special soul that is great with everyone and all animals. He appreciates life for all its worth and will only give his forever family nothing but unconditional love.

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Attentive and calm little guy who’s got hops, he’s a jumper.  Sweet and affectionate, this little guys is looking for a family to call his own. He gets along great with other dogs and would love a companion in the home.

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Good ol’ Chuck is a big boy looking for a dog savvy owner. He’s a sweet man who loves smothering you with kisses. He’s learning to walk better on leash and is quickly learning. Due to his size, he would be great for an adult home with or without teenage children. Very rambunctious around other […]

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Sweet little dog who is looking for a quiet home to spend her days. She’s quiet and very well mannered around everyone. Looking for an adult home with another calm dog.

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                  2-3 yr old spayed female black German Shepherd mix, 60 lbs.  High energy, playful with other dogs.  A little shy at first.  Smart, catches on quickly, needs owner who will work with her training.

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Doobie is a 3 yr old male pit bull (mix) –  85 lbs.  Sociable,  big and strong.  A spectacular dog.

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            Sal’s a sweet but spunky little man. He loves to curl up on our plush beds and snuggle his head and back in the crevices. This is his open invitation for belly rub time, and he loves every moment of those strokes and massages you give him. He would […]

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Princess is a 4 year old female chihuahua who is learning how to trust new people. Once she trusts you she will follow you off leash, play with you and loves to sit in your lap. Princess loves to run on a treadmill and go hiking. She is quiet, crate trained, gets along with all […]

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Holly is a playful gal, loving to play with people, dogs or her toys. She’s currently kenneled with Tiny Tim  and they are inseparable. If you’re looking for an excellent companion for your dog, Holly is your girl. She’s crate trained and walks well on leash. She is a little reserved with quick movements so […]

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  Lola is a sweet girl who can be a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly.  She is young and has puppy like energy and is very playful.  She loves her treats.  She will need her owner to be patient as she gains more confidence in the world.

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Jet is a 5 yr old neutered male Jack Russell/chi mix, 8 lbs.  A very active and energetic boy, he needs an active and energetic family.  

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Starla is a petite and quiet little girl. She’s very mellow and loves to snuggle under her blankets. She weighs about 2.5 pounds. She is a special needs girls as she has some undiagnosed medical issues.

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Panda is a high energy girl who loves to go for bike rides and runs. She would love to be an a very active household who will continue with the training she is going through.

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Darwin is a sweet little man, but doesn’t trust all people. He has an enlarged heart and will likely need to be on life long medications. When he knows you and trusts you he will greet you with a wagging tail. He’s good with other dogs. We will soon find out more about his heart […]

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Pretzel is a cute little man who is full of spunk! He likes other dogs and all of the people he has met. He would love nothing more than a hiking partner and someone to bring him to the beach!

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Peanut is a year old female chihuahua/jack russel terrier mix who bonds quickly with the one she loves. She would make a great walking partner or even the perfect office dog to bring to work with you! She’s also loves the company of other dogs.

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          Mabel is a young female pit bull who is full of spunk. She is very sweet and gets along with most dogs. She would love to have an active family that she can go hiking with and to the beach. We are currently working on her leash reactivity towards other […]

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Ester is a three year old female chihuahua who would love an owner who will provide her with daily walks and structure. She can be a bit pushy with other dogs so she needs someone who will let her know when she is doing something wrong and praise her for the good. She is a […]

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Casey is a sweet little chihuahua that’s looking for someone to boost her morale. She prefers slow motions around her since she’s so teeny, so a home with small children wouldn’t work out. She bonds quick to her people and loves to be next to you when she can. She’s housetrained and does great with […]

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Farrah is a smooth and soft coated Staffy/Pitty. This gal loves all her buddies at DAWG and is a superstar at our adoption events. She’s a regular participant in our weekly training sessions and demonstrates her quick ability to learn. Toys of any size and texture appeal to this playful gal, ready to engage in […]

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8 month old female Staffy/Pitty mix. She weighs in at an itty bitty 39 lbs. She’s confident, enthusiastic and adoring of every person and dog she meets. She knows how to please to get those biscuits, so training this gal isn’t going to be a challenge. All good dogs are trained through consistency, so her […]

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8 yr old 7 lb neutered male min-pin with the energy of a much younger dog. Interested in everything around him. Very energetic, but calms quickly. Knows basic obedience.

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Shari is a 1 yr old spayed female Chihuahua/pug mix. Sweet, nice little dog, good with other dogs and cats.  She gets along great with cats as well. She’d be a great first dog for any family!

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Tattoo is a 1-2 yr old neutered male tiny chihuahua, about 3 lbs. He is confident and comfortable with other dogs and enjoys playing with the other little dogs in Little Dog Land. He seems eager to make friends with people, but is a little tentative at first. Ultimately his goal is to get into […]

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Shep is a loyal companion who wants to please. Shep needs a special owner who can provide him with rules and boundaries. He’s is a very well trained dog, but does need a special owner. He doesn’t like all people, but he will love his own human unconditionally. Shep needs to be in a home […]

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      Shelby is a 2 years old spayed female pit/lab with a ballet dancer’s build and a really sweet personality.  She’s a big time people dog and gets along really well with everybody but you can tell she’s the kind of pup that will be really loyal and loving to her owners.  She […]

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Year old neutered male, tiny chihuahua mix with an Italian greyhound-like tuck to his belly. Sweet and exuberant, friendly, loves his treats. A very big personality in a tiny pup. Good with dogs and people.

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The incredibly sweet ball of fluff is looking for an extra special home. Since coming to our facility we have determined that he has a pretty severe heart murmur, that will likely require surgery. He would be best suited in a calm, quiet household. Although he loves playing around with the other dogs, his activity […]

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We are currently looking for a medical foster for this young pup (we provide all of the vet care, food and supplies, and you provide the home and love) Gemini was born with some neurological issues which make her hop when she walks. She is also fecal and urinary incontinent. Gemini would do well playing […]

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A beautiful neutered male diminutive white shepherd mix, 2 yrs old, 36 lbs. He came from a hoarding situation but is quickly being socialized with people and is showing the fine attributes of a family dog.  He has learned to walk on leash, is learning some basic obedience, and most importantly is learning to trust […]

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A graduate of prestigious Doggie Do Good training.  Chestnut is wonderful with people.  Her back end and tail never stop wagging when she is happy to see you.  She doesn’t bark and loves to curl up and sleep on her bed.  We were working with her on being more dog friendly when she first arrived, and […]

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“Be in love with your life, every minute of it!!!” This is Ben’s philosophy and boy does he live his life to the fullest! He’s an outgoing young man, who introduces himself to everyone he meets. He believes that he is a big dog stuck in a little dog’s body, and therefore prefers to socialize […]

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Bermuda is a medium size nine month old female black mystery. She is shy with people and many new things since she came from a hoarding situation, but is coming further out of her shell every day.   She is very comfortable with other dogs. We have had her in the office with the office […]

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Titan is a funny 1 year old 30 lb neutered male pup who is learning to become a confident dog. Very smart, was housebroken and learned some of the basics in a matter of a week. He thrives off love and affection. Great with other dogs, even helped to rehabilitate one of our dog reactive […]

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Hutton is a 2 year old neutered male Husky, 64 lbs. Beautiful dog with stunning blue eyes. Very friendly, nice dog. He is very strong. Good with other dogs. Can scale a chain link fence, so will need secure fencing. Needs adult  household.

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Herbie is a 3 year old neutered male Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV) or maybe even part Dandie Dinmont Terrier.  Super sweet, friendly boy. Very playful.  He would like to go to an adult only home with an experienced dog owner and will require some continued training.  He is good with other dogs, but does […]

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We interviewed Minnie the other day, and this is what she had to say about her potential adopter, “I never want to be their whole life, I just want to be their favorite part. I want to be the part of their day, when they come home from work, and I run to them and […]

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Duke is a 90 pound mastiff/shepherd/dane mix. He is a strong boy who knows his size and will push you around if he’s able to. He needs an experienced owner who will continue his training life long. He comes with lifetime guaranteed training through Doggie Do Good. He should be in a home with no […]

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Romeo is a handsome boy who is shy with strangers at first, but warms up once he trusts you and then is a very sweet affectionate pup. He likes to sleep under the covers and is good with cats and other dogs. He needs a gentle owner(s) in a peaceful household.

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A bouncy playful 10 yr old. Gets along with other dogs, especially happy with people, not too happy by himself. A great little dog for a retired person or for someone who works from home. A fine TV watching or book reading companion. Benji loves his treats.  He likes to follow his person and be […]

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Star once told us, “I don’t have time to worry about people who don’t like me, I’m too busy loving the people who love me.” We have a lot to learn from such a wise girl. Star is kind, loyal, and as smart as they come. She is the type of dog that looks to […]

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Camilla is a lovable 7-8 year lab mix that we recently brought to Santa Barbara from a shelter in Rancho Cucamonga. She is a mellow, sweet girl who LOVES to play, cuddle, and be loved. She is completely housebroken, leash trained, and  listens well to commands. She currently lives with another pup and they get […]

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Maddie is a beautiful, sweet  girl who LOVES to be around people. She’s very affectionate and gentle. When I first met her she immediately plopped herself in my lap and lavished in the attention I gave her. Although she was picked up as a stray, she does appear to have had some training. She walks great […]

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Jay Bird is a very bright, friendly, loving young Pittie Blend with a very nice energy.  She is a slim, smaller sized girl and still has some growing to do but will always be a petite sized Pittie.  Jay Bird loves people of all ages and attention of any kind. She is very affectionate and attentive.  She […]

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Alice is a very sweet, social, attention loving year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.  She was found in the the Santa Maria River bed. She was able to put on weight and gain strength. Then a couple months ago a wonderful family decided to foster her in their home to give her more time, to learn about […]

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Daisy is an absolutely gorgeous purebred Doberman Pinscher who’s gentle, affectionate and very people-oriented. Up until the time she came to DAWG, Daisy spent her entire life in a backyard, so everything is new to her. She became pregnant on her first heat. Her pups have all found new homes and now it’s Daisy’s turn […]

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BUZZ is a long time DAWG resident who has adapted quite nicely to his life at DAWG. “Buzzy Boy” is active, confident and will do anything for a treat! He is very handsome and extremely strong. Buzz has excellent house manners. He can be very playful and silly . Buzz bets along nicely with most […]

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Tiny is a handsome younger male pit-bull mix, with velvety golden brown fur and distinguished white markings on his chest and paws.  Tiny’s mother was pregnant when she was found wandering in the desert.  Tiny was born at DAWG and has spent his entire life here. Tiny grew to be a big dog who ran […]

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“Those who are hardest to love, need it the most.” If DAWG had one wish granted, come this new year, 2014, it would be that the right family fall in love with Max and all of his quirks and show him the love he so desperately needs. He is a complicated little guy who will […]

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Our “Scoutie Boy” has been at DAWG for an awfully long time. He’s a volunteer favorite and undoubtedly get’s more walks each day than any other DAWG dog. He’s got a few issues but then, don’t we all? This guy has a lot going for him, too- He’s very loyal, has excellent house manners and […]

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SUNSHINE is currently under medical care but we would love to find a loving, long-term foster home for her. DAWG would take care of all medical expenses and the foster would provide a safe, happy home where she could play, relax and get lots of love and attention. Our “Sunny Girl” is super smart, incredibly affectionate […]

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  This lovely border collie mix has been waiting for her forever home for way too long. BJ is SMART, eager to please, incredibly loyal, energetic and has excellent household manners. She has a beautiful, long, silky black coat. Her very favorite thing is playing in the water- especially a garden hose. It is absolutely […]

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