DAWG's Adoption Process

Please read the information below carefully to understand DAWG's adoption process.

  1. Submit a completed application (PDF).
    You can either take the application home, fill it out, and email it to DAWG at or bring the application back to DAWG when completed. You can also fill out an application at the shelter.

  2. Send in 8 - 15 home photos. Pictures of the inside and outside of your house, anywhere the dog will be on your property. You can submit those electronically by sending them to, or you can bring hard copies into the shelter.

  3. Meeting and working with our Adoption Coordinator.

  4. Everyone in the household MUST come to the shelter to meet the dog.

  5. If you own other dogs, they have to come in for a dog meet prior to the adoption.

  6. If you own a cat, a cat introduction has to be done.

  7. Then landlord approval or home ownership verification.

Application Review Process

The application committee reviews all shelter applications and selection is based on specific criteria. Our commitment is to find the best match for each dog and family.

  • If your application is selected as a match, we proceed to the next steps.

  • If you have another dog in your home, we schedule a dog introduction at our facility.

  • If you rent, we must verify with your landlord that you have permission to have a dog.

  • If you own, we verify home ownership and give preference to Santa Barbara County residents.

After these steps are completed, you may return to DAWG to pick up your new canine companion! We complete the adoption paperwork, and ask for a minimum adoption donation:

  • $250 for puppies (under 4 years old)

  • $150 for adult dogs (4-8 years old)

  • $125 for senior dogs (over 8 years old)

DAWG is funded only through donations and grants. We greatly appreciate any amount you can give above the minimum.