Balto is loving his new life! After being at the shelter for a long time and being returned numerous times he finally found his forever home. Here’s what his new owner had to say about him: I wanted to share a little on Balto’s time out of DAWG. He’s doing so well. I can say without a speck of hesitation that he is a SMART boy. We spent our first few months really just getting to know each other’s boundaries. He’d push my buttons and in return I’d push his. We’ve come to have a lot of respect for one another paired with a lot of love.

Balto is a working boy. He goes to work with me every day. Balto didn’t find the tech life, the tech life found him. We spend every day together in the office and going on runs at lunch. He’s a great carpool buddy.

Balto also has a sister. Her name is Bug. She’s a loud white Persian cat. They really took some time to grow on each other but today they stand pretty strong as friends who constantly try to eat each other’s food. This relationship is still growing and I’m excited for the day that they’re willing to cuddle. That might be a reach but who knows.

Balto has been a fantastic addition to the family and he constantly surprises me with how amazing of a companion he is. Whether it’s a weekend trip to Tahoe or a day to the beach, he always has a smile on his face. Smile or a very intense judgmental glare but those might be one in the same with him. Balto is constantly reminding me of how special of a boy he is.