Beer Puppies

NAMES: Miller, Stout, Guinness, Brewski

BORN:  6/12/19

GENDER: 4 Males

BREED: Chihuahua Mixes

ORIGIN: Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society


SIZE: will grow to be small dogs

PERSONALITY: Sweet, curious, playful, cuddly, eager to learn & explore!

These puppies were rescued in partnership with the Santa Ynez Valley Humane Society. These guys are very sweet and playful. They were 9 weeks when they came to us, and they are looking for loving, active families that are willing to take on the hard work and time commitment of owning a puppy! They are still so young they don’t have much personality yet, all of them are cuddly and just looking for love. 

Interested in a Beer pup? Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.

Stout and Guinness have been adopted! Miller has a pending adoption!