Bentley is the definition of a good boy! He loves everybody, and just wants to spend all his time with you! He's great with other dogs, Cats, people and kids of all ages, and everything else! What you see is what you get with Bentley-Bear. 
He came to us from a family that loved him very much, but couldn't keep up with his higher energy level. Bentley found a perfect new fur-ever family in september of 2018, who is ready to take on his high energy lifestyle. Here’s what his new owners had to say about him:

“Bentley has made an awesome addition to our family. He’s fitting in quite well as you can see from the photos. He’s loving long walks in the neighborhood (and working well with leash training and a gentle leader), found new friends at the dog park, had a trip to the Creekside for brunch and absolutely adores the kids. But I’m not going to lie, he’s definitely my shadow and I think I’m his favorite, we spend a lot of time together! 

We bought him a crate and he really does love sleeping in there at night which is good because we’ve found he likes to chew! Not from lack of activities but just a chewer so he now has a whole basket of chew toys. Haha. I saw Bentley’s previous owner at the gym a few days after we adopted him and I let her know he is fitting in well. She was thrilled! 
We can’t thank their family enough for taking such good care of him and to your whole team at DAWG for matching our family with him. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives.”

Update: “Bentley made it up to the Big Bear area the other weekend for a family trip and as you can see, he absolutely loved the snow! He couldn’t get enough of playing in it and even braved a sled ride. We think he looks very regal too in his snow picture. We’re loving every day with him.”

Update: “Today was Bentley’s birthday and we celebrated with a homemade dog cake and crown made by the kids!”
Thanks again ️<3
The Wood family