String Bean

BORN:  2017 (6-9 months old)


BREED: Cairn Terrier Mix

ORIGIN: Santa Barbara County Animal Services 2018

ENERGY: Medium

SIZE: 8 Lbs

This cutie was  abandoned on our front lawn with the rest of his litter mates. After their stray hold at the county shelter, they came back with DAWG to find a perfect forever home!

String-Bean is getting more practice with socialization from us and he's learning how to trust humans. We've also provided him, and the rest of is litter with much needed medical treatment from a flea infestation.

He's a very sweet, sensitive little guy. His litter came to us in pretty bad condition, and all of them can still be very shy. He needs to be in a home that will allow him to recover from what he has been through, and that will give him the time and patience necessary for him to blossom into the amazing pup he is!