BORN:  2013


BREED:  Working, Kelpie/Cattle Mix

ORIGIN:  Owner Relinquished


SIZE: 50 lbs

PERSONALITY:  Addicted to playing fetch, Strong, Trainable, Genius, loving, protective, playful, high energy, Still in training

Bronson is the epitome of a working breed dog. He is always looking for a job to do! He’s sigularly focused on his task. He has some very strong relationships with volunteers and staff that work with him, but they have to be built on a strong foundation of trust and respect. He would chase a ball all day, so he needs a lot of practice with patience and respecting boundries. He does best when he knows clearly what is expected of him, and what his rules are. He responds very well to strong leadership and is always eager to please. He will do best as the only pet in the home, as he can have a difficult time with other dogs in close quarters. He’s also looking for a home without any children as he has been known to herd, as he was breed to do. He’s looking for a ranch, or large property he can run and play on and a family that will give him a job and strong, clear leadership. He’d do best with a very expierenced dog owner. He does need to work on some of his social sklls before he’s ready to go to his new family, as he’s been at the shelter for a long time and is a bit awkward and unsure in new situations.