Bruce is the biggest, sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He had a serious medical condition called “FCE,” Fibrocartilaginous Embolism; a condition that causes the acute death of part of the spinal cord, caused by the embolus of fibrocartilaginous material. He has trouble walking because of the damage to a portion of his spinal cord. He walks a little funny and hops more than walks but he truly doesn’t let it stop him. He will flop, stumble, and roll his way to wherever he wants to go! He’s 98 pounds of pure love. He came to us from the Santa Maria Shelter where he was adored by the staff and volunteers. His condition is untreatable and is permanent and they were looking for a rescue to take on his needs and find him a home. He won us over with his incredible personality and we took him in! We were looking for a unicorn adopter to take him home, not only is he a Pittie, not only is he 98 pounds, but he is partially handicapped too! Not the easiest dog in the world to find a home for.

He was with us for a few months and was a great addition to DAWG. He was just so happy all the time! He quickly became a staff favorite. His new family came by and saw him and they knew he was the one for them. He was adopted and is happily living with his new family, their kids, and his new dog brother. Here’s what his new family had to say about him: Bruce is an incredible dog!!! We simply can’t believe he was ever at the county shelter or even at DAWG for so many months without someone scooping him up. We feel so very lucky!!! He is a very special family dog for us: He’s smart, loving, extremely gentle, eager to learn and seemingly happy as can be. He has easily settled into the spoiled dog life with his “brother”, Banjo the labradoodle, and all the neighborhood dogs and kids too. He can often be found lying on his back, in the grass, sunbathing with a toy in his mouth, all while sound asleep. We’ve tested him in many ways and he always passes with flying colors. You can take his bone from him, interrupt his dinner, make him wait for treats, introduce him to new dogs.... and he is reliably gentle. He even tolerates our backyard chickens and tortoise with little issue. He fits right into our backyard full of critters with ease and joy. His disability doesn’t slow him down much. I’ll admit I was somewhat expecting a large lap dog. He is a snuggler, but he can also be rambunctious and gets going excitedly like a puppy from time to time. He’s been known to buck like a bronco and can jump over some decent sized boulders and steps when he’s feeling good. Many thanks to DAWG for bringing our family this gentle giant!