Chief is a very sweet lover boy Husky that was at DAWG for an extended stay because he had a lot of energy! He was adopted by a great family that loves him a lot, and takes him on tons of adventures! This is what his new pack said about him:

We love Chief! He has really adapted to the beach life style, I have also learned a lot about Huskies, haha! All my neighbors have gotten to know him and love him, but the best relationship he has is with my son, Wyatt. He howls whenever he hears a siren, he loves the ocean, and he loves being a part of a pack.  Thank you DAWG for knowing that my family and Chief would be happy together. I still use the tools you showed me when walking and handling, and I do use a gentle lead, which makes a huge difference when walking him! We enjoy long bike rides, beach days, and watching sunsets together.... even a snuggle.

Thank you, 

Annie, Liam, Wyatt, and Chief

Chief GH.jpg