BORN:  2010

GENDER:  Female

BREED:  Shepard Mix

ORIGIN:  Owner Relinquished

ADOPTED: 10/30/18

Chloë is a Shepard through and through! She is very trainable, and she is a higher energy dog. She's confident, but she can be a little anxious in some situations. She is somewhat selective of her friends, but she will love you forever once she knows you.

She was adopted in October of 2018 and she is loving her new family! Here’s what they had to say about her:

Chloe is doing wonderful, she and our other dog are getting along great. She is so loving and with a little bit of training and lots of TLC, she has become the perfect fit for our family. She is just what we have been waiting for and I am so very grateful that DAWG was able to provide me with the perfect companion for our other dog and myself.