Corigan Pic.jpg


BORN:  2010


BREED:  Corgi/Shiba Inu Mix

ORIGIN:  Owner Relinquished

ADOPTED: 3-5-18

Now Sammy, He is an older fella that knows exactly what he likes - sunshine, a ball, and a little affection. He is the sweetest boy! He came to us because he has a very serious seizure condition, and his owners were living in thier car and couldn’t take on his medical bills. He found his perfect home with a new Daddy, and a new momma that worked in the medical field, and has a lot of expirence with seizures. She is able to help him do all that he can in his older years despite his condition! When we checked in with her about how he was doing she called him the light of her life. Happy Tails, sweet boy!