BORN:  2013


BREED: Cattle Dog Mix

ORIGIN: Owner Relinquished


SIZE: 45 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Loving, protective, can be territorial, can be unsure of new people, classic cattle dog, playful, eager to please, loyal

Cowboy is a very handsome little outlaw! He lived on a ranch with his previous owner who passed away. He was brought back to DAWG as a result. He is a little nervous with new people in the kennel as he’s still adjusting to the shelter, and he lived on a large property and wasn’t used to seeing new people very often. However, he’s been great with volunteers and staff and has been easy for them to handle and take on walks! He’s a sweet boy who is true to his instincts. He’s a classic cattle dog and he herds people which can sometimes mean a little ankle nipping or circling. He lived with other dogs in the last home and he gets along with them well, but can sometimes become protective of them. He also has become protective of his people in the past. He’s looking for an owner who has experience with his cattle dogs or other working breeds that wants to work with him on his quirks. He’s a great dog, who has a few habits to break. With some love and a lot of consistency and leadership, he will be the perfect dog.

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