Foster a DAWG Dog

Fostering a dog is a wonderful way to support our dogs and get them ready for finding a forever home! It is an invaluable service to dogs of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. Our foster program is formally known as the DAWG Adoption Ambassador Program. Read below for more details about this life-changing volunteer position and how to get involved.

Become an Adoption Ambassador!

There are so many dogs that need our help but not enough space for all of them! That is why DAWG needs Foster Homes! Adoption Ambassadors are foster homes that advocate for their foster dog’s adoption. Dogs in shelters often need additional one-on-one care that cannot be provided in the busy shelter environment. DAWG is in need of reliable, dedicated homes that are willing to work with whatever dog is placed with them. Dogs that go into foster homes will more often than not have specific behavioral or medical needs, or they will be advanced in their years. Easily and readily adoptable dogs are ready for their forever homes! Our staff will work to pair you with an appropriate foster dog for your home and lifestyle.

DAWG Expectations: 

  • Adoption Ambassadors keep their foster dog until s/he is adopted.

  • Ambassadors respond to potential adopters within one day.

  • Ambassadors call the DAWG emergency numbers given to them with questions or issues.

  • Ambassadors respond to shelter staff within one day.

  • Ambassadors attend adoption events.

  • Ambassadors work with a DAWG trainer if shelter staff thinks it’s appropriate.



While in your home, DAWG will continue to provide the necessary resources: vet care, training, crate, food, etc. Any additional support you can offer is greatly appreciated! The foster home is responsible for networking and advertising and sending DAWG up to date photos and videos for our website and social media.

Time Committment: Length of stay will vary on a case by case basis. A foster home does provide 24/7 care in their home.

Skills Required: Excellent communicator, ability to network foster dog in the public and through social media, extremely responsible, ability to meet with potential adopters. Prior experience with dogs is preferred. For medical dogs, ability to administer medication may be required.

Want to become an Adoption Ambassador? Complete an application: Foster Application (PDF) and email

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