BORN:  2012


BREED:  Miniature Pinscher

ORIGIN:  Owner Relinquished

ADOPTED: 3/7/18

Kobe is a very energetic little min-pin! He found a perfect forever home in March of this year! Here’s what his new pack had to say about him:


We adopted Kobe in March and he has made the most beautiful addition to our family. He goes almost everywhere with us and loves playing fetch more than anything. We take long walks every day in our neighborhood, so Kobe has been to the beach and Trader Joe's A LOT. 

He thinks he's a real tough guy and tries to "protect us" if someone walks by our gate, but all our neighbors know that if they reach a hand down he'll change his tune and eagerly receive some loving. He sleeps in our kids' room nightly, and I am continually amazed by his patience with their small but all-too-excited hands. 

Thank you DAWG, for pairing us with our sweet boy. Our family would be incomplete without him.

The McIntosh Family