BORN:  2007

GENDER: Female

BREED: Queensland Heeler

ORIGIN: Owner Relinquished

ENERGY: Medium/High

SIZE: 37 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Spunky, Loving, Athletic, Playful, Genius

Libby, short for Liberty, is a really fun dog! She’s so smart, and knows so many tricks! She lived in a home her whole life with her owner whom she loved a lot, and she was very much loved as well. She had to be rehomed because her owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and could no longer give Libby what she needed. They brought Libby to us to find her a great home to spend her sunset years in. She’s very easy to walk on a leash, very playful, and surprisingly athletic for her age! Anyone would be lucky to know this little lady.

Happy Tails, Libby!