BORN:  2017

GENDER: Female

BREED: Great Dane/Lab Mix

ORIGIN: Lompoc Animal Services

ENERGY: Medium/High

SIZE: 70 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Shy, Gentle, nervous, Sweet, Playful, goofy

Lily is a really great dog in the making. She is so loving and affectionate and playful, but before she shows you that beautiful side of herself she has to trust you. She is very skittish and scared of people. We got her from the county shelter system where she was turned in by her previous owner that neglected, undersocialized, and abused her. They kept her chained up in the back yard and she left there with a very negative impression of people and the world around her. She’s very shy and takes a little while to warm up to new people. She’s great friends with the staff and volunteers here and is so affectionate to them, but with new people and experiences, she is scared and avoidant. She’s looking for a home that will help show her that everything around her doesn’t have to be so scary and that people are her friends!

Interested in Lily? Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.