Mindy (Millie)


Mindy is a 13 year old shih-tzu who had to be turned in my her elderly owner who could no longer care for her. She was a very sweet, sleepy, and hungry girl. She found a loving new family to love her through her sunset years. Here’s what they had to say about her:

We adopted Mindy (we renamed her Millie), a 13 year old Shih-Tsu. 

Millie is the sweetest little dog and has fit right in to our family! She has some health issues since she’s a pretty super senior, but with some TLC and medicine, she’s regained a lot of energy and now runs to the door to greet us with our other dog and plays with my sons. Her favorite things are taking naps in the sunshine and eating - Millie hasn’t lost her enthusiasm for a good meal in her old age! She also loves the beach, snuggling, rolling around in the grass. We’re so happy we decided to take this little girl home and give her lots of love for her remaining years.  

-Annie, Johnny and Henry