BORN:  2016


BREED: Long Haired Dachshund

ORIGIN: Owner Relinquished

ADOPTED: 8/14/18

Mushu was a very popular boy at the shelter. We were overwhelmed with all the applications for this little genius. He knows so many tricks, and loves to perform them for a treat! He was adopted by a wonderful family very familiar with the Dachshund breed, who could give him the most supporting home to allow his natural talents to grow and flourish! Here’s what they had to say about the little fluff joining their family:

So far, we have found out that Mushu is a professional beggar, an amazing sniffer, a digger, fetcher, a bird watcher and a sock thief. 
His favorite spot is laying on his favorite chair next to the window so he can watch the birds that come by to eat. He also has decided to stick to his daddy and follow him around whenever he waters the plants or sits on the couch to relax. 
The dogs are welcoming him and he has had to learn to not cross the boundaries and be respectful. But overall, he is enjoying the walks, digging up gopher holes and fetching the ball. 
He’s a fast learner, though stubborn at times, and we will keep working on teaching him to come when he is called. He’s also very loving and loves to cuddle. 
Thank you Amanda, Brian, and Isabelle!