BORN:  2010


BREED: Terrier Mix

ORIGIN: Owner Relinquished


SIZE: 10 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Spunky, Playful, Affectionate, Dramatic, Sweet, Loving, Cuddly

Patrick is a super spunky guy who was adopted out from DAWG as a puppy to an elderly woman. As she got older she wasn't able to take care of him anymore but didn't want to give him up. As a result, he was severely neglected for a number of years before the owners family stepped in and forced her to relinquish him to us. He came to us with terrible dental disease and all of his teeth aside from one had to be removed on intake, he also was covered in fleas and ticks and had two foxtails embedded near his groin that were seriously infected. He hadn't been vaccinated or taken to the vet once in the 9 years he'd been in a home and was in very bad shape medically. He's started healing now, but has not been medically cleared yet because of his extensive medical needs. He's very affectionate and loving and just wants to be near his people. He has a bit of a dramatic streak and so much personality! He'd do best in a home with a family that had a lot of time for him and could give him all the attention he deserves after a lifetime of not having any. He's good with people, kids, and other dogs, though he can be quite shy at first he does warm up quickly to new people. 

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