Sir Duke


Sir Duke came to us as a little puppy! He was very loved by his previous owners but he was born with a very serious, and very expensive medical condition. Sir Duke needed OCD Lesion Surgery in both of his front shoulders. He was purchased from a breeder as a puppy and as he was 9 months old when his family reached back out to the breeder about the condition. The breeder was unwilling to help them with the medical costs or take him back. His previous owners paid for the first of the surgeries, but the cost of the second in addition to the following medical treatments and care he would need was too much for them. They reached out to DAWG, and we offered to help them with the cost of the surgery but Sir Duke was also a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy and when they adopted him as a puppy they didn’t realize what it would mean to own a breed with that much energy. They thought that DAWG could find him a home better suited to his needs!

When he came to us, there was absolute puppy fever! There were many fantastic applicants but he could only go home with one family. His new family came by or called every day to check in on him and spend time with him. While he loved everyone, he had a truly special bond with this family. We were looking for an adopter who would foster him through his recovery while we pay for the surgery and the immediate follow-up costs. We found that family and they were absolutely dedicated to getting him healthy and taking him to his numerous veterinary appointments at DAWG and other local veterinary clinics for surgeries, aftercare, and check-ups. They also did an amazing job of providing aftercare. He is very happy with his loving new family. After a four-month process of the surgery and aftercare, he was finally adopted!

We’re so happy for Sir Duke and his new family and it’s fantastic seeing him run and play like he always wanted to! Here’s what they had to say about him: Sir Duke is doing great! He is full-on showcasing his adolescent athletic prowess as a one-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer should. He has made a remarkable recovery from his multiple shoulder surgery operations and recently his surgeon cleared him for normal physical activity. Aside from Sir Duke's natural bird obsession, he loves fetching sticks at the beach on almost a daily basis. He is now able to run for extended periods of time without showing any signs of soreness and is always up for more play time. Sir Duke likes to be independent but when his attention is directed he loves to please and learn new tricks. Overall Sir Duke is finally experiencing his life as he should, pain-free and with plenty of loving and adventure!