BORN:  2017


BREED: Labrador/ Shepard Mix

ORIGIN: Santa Maria Animal Services


SIZE: 87 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Goofball, playful, sweet, rambunctious, addicted to fetch, Tennis champion, loves water, people pleaser

Titan came to DAWG with Emjai, a little terrier mix, and they were a co-dependent bonded pair who were turned into the county system by their owners who couldn’t have them anymore. We worked with them to seperate them so they can learn to enjoy and learn to trust new things in the world without leaning on each other for support. Titan is a very rambunctious goofball who loves people. He’s a bit of a genius. He knows all his basic commands like sit, stay, down, shake, look at me, and touch! He’s also so easy to train because of how food motivated he is. He’s a people pleaser, and always checks in to make sure he’s doing the right thing. He has so much energy as a young guy, and he sometimes has a hard time reigning all of it in! He will need an active, experienced owner who can help guide him so that he can be the best dog he can be. He’s looking for a loving family of Shepard lovers, who want to take him on lots of adventures like to his favorite place, the Beach, where he can play in the ocean!

Titan has a pending adoption and will be going home shortly!