Titan & Emjai

BORN:  2017, 2018


BREED: Labrador/ Shepard Mix, Mini Manchester Terrier Mix

ORIGIN: Santa Maria Animal Services


SIZE: 87 Lbs, 12 Lbs

PERSONALITY: Titan- Goofball, playful, sweet, rambunctious, addicted to fetch, Tennis champion, co-dependent
Emjai- Sweet, Playful, Affectionate, Good-natured, loving, co-dependent

This is a bonded pair and both dogs must be adopted together, no exceptions.

These little loves are new to DAWG and we’re still learning about their personalities! Check back in soon to learn more information! Or give the office a call to make an appointment to meet them!

Interested in Titan & Emjai? Complete the application and someone from DAWG will contact you with more information.