Can you help us get these jobs done?

  • Could you spend a couple of hours in our garden?

  • Do you have IT experience?

  • Know anything about plumbing and electrical?

  • Always dreamed of being a Public Relations Officer?

  • Are you compulsively clean? Positively addicted to bleach?

  • Need to increase your step count? Our dogs love to walk!

  • Do you have accounting skills?

  • Friends won’t let you play with their hair, how about bathing and grooming our dogs?

Let us know what you love, and we will be happy to try and help you find your niche at DAWG!


New Volunteers


Interested in volunteering? Please complete the email form below and you'll receive an email about our orientation dates. Parents are required to sign paperwork for and accompany junior volunteers (15-17 years old). 

Hope to see you at the shelter soon!

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Volunteer Q&A’s

How do I become a volunteer?
The first step is to attend a volunteer orientation. They are held once a month! Sign up above to be invited to the next one. After you attend an orientation and return your paperwork you can start coming to the shelter to volunteer! If you want to walk or socialize with our dogs, you will have to attend volunteer training! After you’ve completed your training, you can come whenever you would like to volunteer or walk dogs.

What types of volunteer opportunities are available at DAWG?
From laundry and dishes to parties and events (and everything in between!)  We offer a variety of opportunities at DAWG which help keep everything running smoothly.  Our shelter runs 365 days of the year and we always need help keeping it up!  We have something for everyone!  

What is the minimum age to volunteer?
For the safety of our “two legged little friends”, and due to liability, we require all volunteers to be 18 years and older.

Volunteers who are 15-17 years old will need a parent or guardian to attend orientation and volunteer along with you each time you are at DAWG.

Is there a cost to volunteer?
All volunteers must pay a one-time fee of $15 which is simply to cover the cost of your DAWG volunteer t-shirt.

Is there a time commitment?
We know everyone has busy schedules, but we require only a six hour minimum of volunteer service a month to stay active in the program. Some volunteer duties will require more hours, but you should be able to find a role that fits your schedule!

I have volunteered with another rescue organization; do I still need to go through the DAWG Volunteer Process?
Yes.  Every rescue is different with different protocols and procedures and it is imperative that all of our volunteers know DAWG’s procedures and how we handle our animals for their safety and yours. Plus, it is fun – you will get to know other like-minded volunteers just like yourself.

I have volunteered with DAWG in the past, do I still need to go through the Volunteer Process?
Yes.  If it has been more than six months since you last volunteered, you will need to come back through the orientation, as oftentimes policies and procedures have changed.  Should you have any questions, please email volunteer@sbdawg.org.